Cork Insulated Drink Purse with Bladder Bag

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The Drink Purse is a fashionable and functional necessity for every event. Top zipper closure, fully lined thermal insulated interior keeps beverages cold for hours. Great for outdoor activities. 
An unbeatable alternative: Carry and enjoy wine or your other favorite beverages anywhere without worrying about fragile glass bottles. The Disposable Beverage Bags can be filled with up to 3 liters of any beverage (4 bottles of wine) and transforms your baggie into a stylish, portable drink dispenser. Cocktails, beers, margaritas, bottled wine, juice, anything you can think of. Simply fill the disposable Baggie and insert it into your Drink Purse. The perfect gift for the wine Diva, this wine purse will be the talk of any occasion. The Drink Purse makes the perfect mother’s day gift, 


●Cooler Drink Purse’s insulated thermal technology makes it great for outdoor picnics, BBQs, camping, the beach, & sporting events
●Fashionable and functional
●Spout is cleverly concealed by a flap that snaps securely shut
●Adjustable and removable shoulder strap, zipper top, and a double handle for a super easy carrying
●Cocktails, bottled wine, juice, any beverage - simply fill the disposable baggie and insert it into your drink purse
●Includes a disposable refreshment baggie with dispenser spout
●The baggie can be filled up to 3 liters of any beverage or 4 bottles of your favorite wine
●Made from sustainable materials, excellent alternative to animal leather
●Insulation will keep your white wine cold and red at the perfect temperature
●Made from cork, excellent alternative to animal leather 

What is Included:

●Drink Purse – Insulated

●3 liter Baggie with dispenser spout

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